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The story of Brise dé Mer: The founder shares what inspired her to create her own Women's Surf Suits

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Written by: Sapir Ben-Simhon

Brise dé Mer was founded by Noy Lamberg, not only a surfer girl but also a fashion designer and a true female entrepreneur. Noy lives a few minutes away from a gorgeous beach in Shavei Zion in northern Israel, where she also has a small studio to design her women swimsuits and create tropical paintings.

I met with Noy on a sunny Friday afternoon to ask her why she started her own surf suits brand, and where she finds inspiration for her designs.

Noy Lamberg, Founder of Brise dé Mer

Tell us about your journey, why did you start Brise dé Mer?

"It all started with my lifelong passion for surfing, and my desire to make this passion an integral part of my life. While studying Fashion Design, it became clearer to me that I'd like to create a brand to reflect my philosophy and mindset, and that it had to combine both my love for fashion and surfing. I decided to solve my very own problem - finding flattering and elegant surf suits that aren't too revealing or too trendy, but classy and timeless pieces for my surf sessions.

Throughout the years, I also realized how powerful and comforting it can be to meet a group of women who love the ocean, and wanted to build the brand around that feeling of empowerment we have when we're together."

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration for your swimwear designs?

"My life on the beach provides me endless inspiration! What I find most inspiring is that special silence we have when waiting for the next wave, as we look around and appreciate the beautiful nature around us, the color of the ocean with the color of the sand. The RESORT Collection 2022 designs were inspired by the amazing surfing trips I took, or plan to take, around the world and the uniqueness of every beach's waves and colors. I also found the coastal desert, just like in the Sahara, so fascinating and beautiful as the sand dunes meet the sea and provide such amazing textures and colors - just like the Desert pattern on our surf suits!"

What message would you like to give women through Brise dé Mer?

"Oh wow so much! [laughs] Most importantly, do not be afraid to be yourself, and do what feels good to you, even if it means surfing in a beach filled with only men, or taking that 20 meter wave. Don't feel like you need to undervalue yourself to fit in places that don't let you shine, but instead face your fears and push any limiting boundaries."

Any advice you'd like to give other women interested in becoming their own boss?

"You definitely learn so many lessons as you go, but the best one I learned is to not give up and proceed forward when challenges come your way. It will not be an easy road, and you might not get support from everyone, but just stay true to yourself and follow your instincts and passion, and the sky is the limit!"

What can we expect to see from Brise dé Mer in the future?

"Aww we plan so many exciting things! The next collection will include a wider range of sizes, but also really cool accessories (think beach bags, purses, hats). We also plan many more events for our amazing community of surfer ladies that include beach parties, surfing lessons, and pop-ups. We can't wait to see our community grow and more beautiful ladies wear our Brise dé Mer swimsuits while taking on the biggest waves!"

Our meeting left me very inspired, and I'm also really craving a good beach day with all the girlfriends, yummy snacks, and lots of laughs, how about you?

Share with us what inspires you in everything you do, and make sure to check out our flattering surf suit to bring elegance to your next surf session.

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